The ornithological path of the Brevon Valley


At La Brevonnière, B&B means "Bed & Breakfast", of course, but also "Birds in Beaulieu"...


All the birds are present. The woodpecker cohort leads, followed by titmice, torchepot nuthatches, garden creepers, thrushes, blackbirds, tree chaffinches, grossbec pits, chickens and warblers.

bande 1


The forest environment, interspersed with agricultural areas, is favourable to the observation of birds of prey: European sparrowhawk, common buzzard and sweet pepper.

bande 2



But it is the quietness of the vast woodland with its small streams that attracts the discreet black stork.cigogne


It is possible to observe it, hovering above the Brevon.







Among cereal crops, skylark and quail are common. The hedges are occupied by the yellow sparrow and the dry shepherd.

 bande 4



There is also an abundance of mammals: deer, roe deer, wild boar, forest cat, fox and badger.


Have a good trip!

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