La Brevonnière is inside the Park


The process of creating the 11th French National Park is now complete.

This is the National Park of forests, in Champagne and Burgundy. Beaulieu is inside.

National Park, exceptional area

Everything is brought in operation in order to protect, manage and valorize nature and landscapes.

foret libre

National parks are areas created to save wealthes (natural, cultural) acknowledged as exceptional.

Geology, biological diversity, landscapes and human activities are their characteristics. 


chevreuil libre

Here, the importance of the forest shows the state of  conservation of forested ecosystems. The beech, prevailing species, gives this milieu a peculiar value about climatic evolutions.

The quality and plenty of great ungulates (stag, deer and boar) give the important characteristic for hunting and shooting. In this rural area, they represent an important social relationship.